Fair Maps for Broome County

A group of Broome County, New York, residents who believe the power of local government should be shared equally.

We won!!!

A judge has thrown out the Broome County Legislative map and ordered Broome County to draw a new map "to conform with the law without delay."

(read the decision here)

Mission of Fair Maps for Broome County

We aim to empower the voters of Broome County to defend democracy by ensuring that the executive and legislative branches of the Broome County government, Democrat and Republican, enact fair districts for the Broome County Legislature that have nearly equal numbers of constituents as practicable and follow New York law.

What We're Doing

Promoting Fair Maps

We voiced our support for fair county legislative district maps.

We are assisting plaintiffs who are petitioning to overturn the illegal maps.

map of Broome County, NY

Learning about Fair Maps

We consulted redistricting scholars and experts about the Broome County maps.

Collaborating for Fair Maps

We are working with those whose voices are diminished by the illegal maps.


Contact info@fairmapsforbroome.org to get more information on the project.